The Tactician makes a request

I met Cody Webb shortly after I watched The Tactician on Red Bull TV. We are Colorado residents who both like precision, craftsmanship, and Pivot mountain bikes.

No More Hacks


The Project


Cody and his wife purchased a house around the Denver area. Looking to update the flooring, we met and agreed upon a project scope. We removed tile, and prepped the entire installation area. Following installation, we installed new trim in the installation area. 



During construction of the home, the plywood seams swelled due to storms. We abraded the entire subfloor and secured any loose sections. 

All trim finishing and installation was handled in house for better materials chain of custody.

Avoiding luxury vinyl plank issues 

As mentioned in the luxury vinyl plank post, preparation is fundamental to a successful installation. The product is immensely durable, but requires a very flat installation surface. LVP has a flexible nature, but the system that interlocks the planks requires precise alignment. 

The home has radiant heat, so we also had to ensure the flooring was well acclimated for temperature and moisture balance. Luxury vinyl plank issues are not uncommon for poor quality installations. The flooring has gone through an entire heating cycle as of this writing, and remains well interlocked and suffers from no deflection issues. 

“Does your installer have 20 years of true experience? Or one year of experience repeated twenty times?”

Integrity and Legacy

Workmanship and professionalism make it all happen


My youngest son Caleb helped with a majority of the preparation and installation of the flooring and trim in this project. In exchange he earned a new mountain bike.


Earned Trust

We delivered a legacy level of craftsmanship to the Webb family with methodical communication, planning, and execution. Leaving a lasting floor and precision looking carpentry was key.



Cody is a mechanical engineer and Red Bull sponsored athlete. As a result, precision is built into his character and time matters. We love working for clients with an appreciation for quality.


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