We know the craft from many angles

Solving problems  

At The Sandhaus we provide pragmatic advice and service to our clients. Our services include online communications work, litigation consulting, and technical training. 

Wood Floor Inspections

We specialize in writing technical reports concerning wood floor issues. We prepare reports for:

  • Construction defect attorneys
  • Construction products manufacturers including wood flooring
  • Homeowners
  • Home builders and architects

Please consider that we are observers of facts and gatherers of information. The job of a wood floor inspector is not to assign blame to the parties involved in a dispute. We apply our observations and findings to a set of agreed upon standards and scientific principles in order to determine an origin for product and workmanship issues in the trades. 


Technical Training

If you operate a floor covering business, we can offer specialized programs to improve operations for your business. Whether you have an in-house production crew or a subcontractor team, we will help improve your business. 

When businesses have a lapse in attention to clients, the entire business will feel the effect somewhere. A dissatisfied client begins a series of issues for the business. From delayed payments to disagreements over project scope, a modern business cannot endure these problems economically or socially. 

We can help in the following ways:

  • Improving hiring and retention policies and strategies 
  • Training your employees in the field on technical operations and records keeping.
  • Information gathering to determine field production issue and opportunities for improvement.  


Our copywriting and marketing services are efficacious. No wasting words and screen time.

We figure out what you want to say, then we build upon that. Your story with our writing skills makes for more clients. 


Court and Lawsuits

We are comfortable in this space as well. We know how Jedi mind tricks and linguistics work. 

Why lose a case because of an inexperienced expert? We are here to win and resolve issues. 

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