We Refinish Hardwood Floors

Turning the ugly hardwood floor into a restored and durable asset is what we do at The Sandhaus. We operate dustless sanding equipment and provide a variety of floor finishing options. Our standards are based upon long term excellence and appreciation for our workmanship. It is our goal to offer solutions for your wood flooring project that are pragmatic and of value. Contact us if you need your project done on time by respectful professionals. 

“The longevity of a wood floor depends on more factors than simply one brand of finish”


Wood Floors for Value

There is an element of truth that a new wood floor can improve the value of your home. The flooring should be SERVICEABLE beyond one lifespan. Whether a floor is able to be restored without total replacement is a direct factor of sustainability. 

Although many flooring types are durable, a majority of products being manufactured and sold are one time use products. In addition, some products are difficult to repair in the event of any job site issues that occur following installation. 

When you are considering a new hardwood floor purchase, evaluating service life is essential. The wear layer is the amount of material in a floor that can be removed via sanding processes prior to contacting fasteners. Some hardwood floors have a wear layer that is up to 5/16″ of material. Considering that an average floor sanding removes 1/32-1/16″ of material, the lifespan of such a floor can be decades. 

 We can help with all steps in the process of installing a new hardwood floor in your home. We can help provide a variety of options of varying board widths, grades, and color options. 

From educating clients on maintenance to ensuring proper materials acclimation, we ensure all boxes are checked for service. 

Pragmatic experience 

We select clients and our service offerings based on the value of the experience for all parties involved. We bring years of experience and a relevant qualified network to all of our clients. 

Best in the Industry

Advise and information is abundantly free in the internet age. We are in the business of connected knowledge that yields results for clients. That is not free.  

How can we help?

The most effective way to seek our help is a well articulated message. We will follow up promptly.

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Our Services


  • Dustless wood floor sanding
  • Wood floor maintenance 
  • All finish varieties available
  • Custom colors and stains 


  • Flooring installation
  • Staircase repair and construction
  • Wood Floor repairs  
  • LVP prep and install


  • Objective field based observations and testing. 
  • Report writing
  • Remedial Action requests


Because we select our projects based on a number of factors, we are able to provide the attention our clients deserve. Every wood flooring project is unique and requires planning. Reach out if you need a better level of service and a contractor with experience.