White Oak 

The base material for this project was a 5″ wide plank long length white oak flooring. We elected for a longer length material to compliment the open nature of the remodeling project. 

Wide plank flooring

Having a consistent and well executed process is essential for wide plank flooring projects. 


Prior to installation, the subfloor of the project was flattened and secured. This required additional sanding procedures and cleaning.


The flooring in this project was 5″ wide x 3/4″ solid white oak. The floor was installed using glue-assist and 2″ cleats.


The floor was sanded, stained, and finished with a Pallmann two component waterborne finish system. 

No steps skipped

Originally, tile flooring was located in some areas of this project. After the removal, we had to sand the subfloor carefully to remove all remnants of the tile adhesive. Following the sanding process, we ensured the subfloor was secured to the joists to prevent any squeaks. 

A Perfect Finish

For the finishing process we used our Pallmann Spider and Gecko sanders. The dust collection and lighting are helpful for precision finishing. In this project, there were some sections of existing flooring mixed with areas of new flooring, After sanding, the entire floor was trowel-filled with a color matched filler to alleviate any gaps in the flooring. We then removed the final finish sanded the floor with a series of steps. The floor was stained with a custom weathered oak mixture. Floor stains with prey colored pigments can be influenced a lot by surrounding wall colors, lighting, and especially the finish applied afterwards. 

For this project, we elected for a Pall X-Clear sealer and Pall-X gold finish to achieve the right look. The finish combination is very optically clear and provides a very durable wood floor. 


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