Boutique by Design

Maintaining focus and attention to detail is essential to operations. Executing one client project at a time prevents being scattered across multiple projects around town. We are a small and responsive business by choice.

My name is Scott Avery and I operate The Sandhaus. For over twenty years, I have been installing and finishing hardwood floors. I most enjoy the tremendous style and design changes that accompany a new project.

In my free time, I greatly enjoy cooking and riding mountain bikes. This picture was taken near Moab, Utah. 



The Sandhaus Process

Our process starts with respect. Respect for the client, home, and schedule. 


Work Areas

During our projects, it is essential that we work in the cleanest environment possible. We enjoy breathing clean air as much as anyone else. For this reason, we employ temporary barriers and HEPA Vac dust collection vacuums for our sanding/finishing process. 


Project Management

Schedule is everything for our company.  We show up early, work through the day, and finish on time.  



We document the processes and materials for each project. In most cases, projects we complete are recorded on our blog. This helps illustrate our range of services we can provide and show a variety of design styles. 



Workmanship is at the forefront of our business. 

See For Yourself



Recent Work

To the left is a snapshot video of our projects and our tools at work. We turn the ugly hardwood floor into something wonderful that lasts for years. 

Material Matters

We choose to work with the best quality wood flooring and materials. This means working with suppliers and manufacturers who also warrant their products.