Consistency of preparation is critical for any hardwood sanding project involving application of color to a wood floor.

Restaining Wood Floors

Restaining wood floors involves removing all of the existing finish via sanding. Once there is a blank slate, the choice for color options can be daunting. Having a clear picture of the look you desire for floor color requires knowing the type of floor you have or want to install in your home.

It helps to understand a few details about your flooring. For example, if you can identify the species based on certain characteristics, you can further identify projects for ideas. In addition, the species, grade, or grain of your floor will affect the look to a degree. 

A Prepared Choice

Total Equation

The look of a color is influenced by a variety of factors beyond the flooring material choice:

  • Surrounding wall colors
  • Ambient lighting
  • Sun exposure

I have covered this in a video for those who prefer that format. Please consider that samples and colors are best selected in the location of the project and with proper lighting sources. A showroom or design center will have different overall lighting than your home. 

Denver wood floor sanding

Grain and Character

The milling and grading of flooring greatly impact the look of color in a home. How a stain or color will absorb is partially determined by the density of flooring, the sanding process, and product chemistry. Janka hardness is the measure by which flooring is measured for hardness or density. Although, it should be noted that the fibers of wood species vary in tensile strength and elasticity.  Grading and character are discussed in this post by Hickman Woods.  


A Revealing Truth

Whether it is a car or a floor, some colors show more wear and tear than others. The background color, sheen of a finished surface, as well as serviceability are the three primary discussion points clients should consider. Some floors can become nothing short of a livability nightmare due to maintenance requirements, etc…

restraining floors Parker Colorado


Volatile Organic Compounds are the agents that solubilize protective resins within a finish and catalyze finish film formation. They are a necessary part of life and how rapidly they evacuate the home following project completion is key. This impacts curing and how soon you can walk on the flooring. 


Manufacturers specifically make their products to work together as a system. Mixing products from varying manufacturers will void warranties and can result in technical issues. We recommend picking colors and products from one wood flooring specific finish manufacturer only. 

dustless floor restaining

Protecting Color

Following application of a stain color, the wood surface will need to be protected. This can be via film forming or penetrating finish. The maintenance schedules vary for either finish type as well as the overall appearance.

Finish Choices Explained

General Process Overview

How long it takes to refinish wood flooring can vary depending on the professional, process, and their equipment. No matter how rapidly a contractor can accomplish the labor, the products and chemicals applied to a floor dictate the timeline. These variables are affected by air exchange and ambient temperature. Without question, the last ten years have brought much better products and processes to the game of restaining wood floors. 

As a general rule, an average residential home will require three to five days to complete. Dry time is the time required for a surface to be touched or walked upon. Cure time is the duration needed for all solvents to evacuate from a coating completely. When you can move furniture into your home and lay down area rugs is impacted by cure time NOT dry time. 


Estimates and Advice

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