Wood Flooring

The Sandhaus specializes in flooring installation and custom carpentry projects. From the process of subfloor preparation, acclimation, and through the final product… We can provide the level of service your project needs.  

Adding value to your home 

Wood flooring can have a long service life and diverse appearances if installed properly. Some television ads promise “next day flooring”, which is implausible with some wood floors. 

Prior to installing any flooring, the area of installation must be prepared. Most manufacturers have specifications for subfloor thickness, flatness, and moisture content. Following these specifications is essential for maintaining product performance warranties. 



Jobsite Plan to Final Product

A successful flooring project begins with the right questions and planning. The best flooring choices will compliment your home and living situation rather than give you perfection anxiety. 


  • Do you have pets?  If so, it may be worth having a lower sheen floor. Shiny floors highlight scratches. Any wood floor will scratch in the right circumstances. Learn to live with the floor that obsess over an occasional scratch. 
  • Do your windows face intense sunlight? Some areas of a floor may experience a 20-30 degree temperature difference in direct sunlight. This can result in moisture imbalances and/or changes in color from UV damage. Tinting of windows may be helpful, particularly against the intense Colorado sun. 
  • What color ideas do you have? We speak the language of Pinterest too. Feel free to share your ideas on floor colors, widths, etc..


Flat, Clean, and Secure

Sub-flooring is the foundation for your flooring project. It is essential that prior to installing new flooring, the sub-floor be addressed. Undulations that are not removed can telegraph through to the flooring above. Securing any squeaks between the subfloor and joists is another key element or preparation. 


Environmental Conditions

Interior humidity impacts the performance of some building products, but especially wood flooring. A prolonged moisture imbalance in wood flooring can result in cupping or gapping of floors. Changes in temperature affect the ability of air to retain moisture. To learn more about the technical details and science, check out our blog post. 


Happy Hardwood Floors

Following project completion, we will ensure you know exactly how to care for your wood flooring. Cleaning products that add shine typically add residual solids that become optically dull over time. We ensure you know what product to use and when you use it for cleaning your floors. 

Remove Remnants

Old paint and drywall can create high spots in your flooring. We remove this construction remnant prior to installing any floors. 

Tile Demolition

Old tile in the way? Removing old tile is a tough chore.  After the tile has been removed, the subfloor should be sanded lightly to remove old adhesive. 

Flat and Clean 

After the sanding process, the subfloor is thoroughly vacuumed to remove any particulates.  If necessary or desired, the subfloor can be sealed to mitigate moisture intrusion from below. 


Additional Services

In addition to all forms of wood flooring, we also install luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. Each of these products has a unique set of requirements to be properly installed. LVP flooring is a thin and flexible material that can highlight subfloor imperfections. Preparation for flatness, bond, and proper elasticity are three critical factors with tile flooring installation.

Flooring Fundamentals

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Known as “waterproof” flooring, LVP is a very durable product. When planning a project with LVP flooring, you need to understand there are number of variables to consider. Floor flatness, door jamb heights, etc…

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Factory Finished

Factory finished and engineered wood floors require additional care to install properly. It is essential to protect the flooring from damage while it is installed. 



We are seasoned professionals of the trades. We seek to work with people who have integrity and value craftsmanship. We honor our agreements and leave behind legacy projects. 

Wasting time

When clients hire our company, it is because we are timely, clean, and consistent. Reach out with your project details and we can determine whether we are able to assist you. We won’t waste your time with our insight. 

Our Tool System

The mobile tool system we use is designed to minimize setup time and finish all projects on time. 

Setup Time

A lot of time is wasted on setup of tools, locating tools, and powering tools. We solved this problem with our own tool system. 

Cabinets or Repair

We have a Kreg jig system to build custom cabinets on job sites. In addition, we have an entire Festool woodwork repair kit at our disposal. 

Easy access

We designed our tool system for access to go up and down stairs or curbs. All charging occurs via one central charging cord to minimize trip hazards.