How to work with us

We begin work once we have your signed contract and a retainer fee appears in our bank account.

From there, we work in defined blocks of time (100% free of distractions) on an agreed upon set of tasks. Prior to beginning any work, we always make sure that you understand the value our work. We do not believe in mis-representing the value of our service to gain clients. 

As we all know, indirect expression of wants and needs us a big reason most communication fails. When we advise a client and execute their orders, we are directly embedded in their success. We are here to create honest messages for artisans and tradesmen. Building a legacy brand requires proper representation online. 


The difference between a professional and a master lies not within the truck he drives, but the legacy he leaves for others. 

Online Communications Services

Monthly retainer based services


smalls the goat

Blogging for dollars

Yes, we once gave this as a seminar at an NWFA conference. Odd name, but poignant observation for the value of well written online content.

The truth is that Google is still a text based AND video based search engine. We work on copyright packages as a block. For example, 5 uniquely tailored blog posts linked as a series about a recent project.

The end goal of a website is conversions to sales. This is achieved best by expanding your base of online content intelligently rather than just having a limited website composed primarily of pictures. 




Video messages

define your brand directly

The video age is here. More people are watching video because it is the best way to condense information in a span of time. Answer this question honestly to yourself:

Is it possible for me to explain my total value using only printed words or at an in person estimate? With the Covid-19 Pandemic, in person estimates are something of the past. Why not educate and qualify clients using video? 




Full meal deal

Website, video, copy, social profiles

The entire suite update:

  • Web content for four pages and up to five galleries.
  • We build three separate videos that explain the company, services, and brand perspective.
  • Update up to three social profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Business Page Listing,etc…).



Converting Wasted Phone Calls to Dollars

The reason many “SEO experts” are poor directors of artisan marketing is that most never been contractors. Dominating online search only matters if it translates into JOBS SOLD. We space our full online content development package to a 90 day period because we use monthly data to capture progress and adjust for constantly improving results. 


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