1. noun
    a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote a common interest.

Protecting Artisans

Connecting Clients


Beyond our daily endeavors as The Sandhaus, our family represents our online carpenters’ guild, The Sandhaus Syndicate. The syndicate represents a global coalition of carpenters sharing knowledge to preserve the way of the artisan. 

As you have read, we are advocates of smart environmental choices. Part of our regular efforts for the syndicate are Adopt-A-Road projects around the Douglas county area. This pic was of our section of road on Crowfoot Valley Road, between Castle Rock and Parker. 

Adopt A Road

Caring for community 


Aside from the cosmetic gains, part of our reasoning in adopting roads was for a bigger statement:

The time really is now for all of us to think about our role in disposable packaging and trash generation.

 Nothing makes you realize how much needless trash we generate than picking up litter on a highway. 

Looking Forward

An Eye on the Future

Everyone loves lower prices, but lower prices lead to faster consumption and disposal.  We believe in long range serviceable wood surface products and their preservation. It is our goal to work with forward thinking clients who see our work as an investment versus quick transaction. We are here to help you maximize the service life of the existing products in your home or building. 

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