What’s in a name?


To use one’s hands to craft, shape, and create. Imparting one’s spirit and ambitions into a legacy product. 


A guild of skills under one roof. Where consistency and precision are more than the objective. They are a standard of excellence revealed in the experience and the product. 




Finding answers

due diligence is an obligation

We’ve all run into tradespeople who seem to always be in a hurry. Making the time to ensure project specifications are fulfilled is not always in the plans. While we are not here to assign blame, we are here to protect our clients with our knowledge of contracting process and science.

We use a unique, multifaceted approach to ensure that our clients are served. We believe in plausible conclusions based upon multiple lines of evidence. We keep accurate records, ask detailed questions, and let the science speak. 










The proper use of science is not to conquer nature, but to live in it.

Barry Commoner

Pointing out the elephants

Problems with products or processes can be shielded or tampered to benefit specific parties. Typically, this is by adopting a universal set of instructions and guidelines that work in theory, but not in practice. 

While guidelines are part of an equation, they are not a universal excuse to deny incompatibility with science. For a number of customers, building products today are the great unknown. Our job is not to determine who is at fault. Our job is to identify the scientific incongruence and explain it objectively. 

Scott Avery 

Formally trained molecular biologist with over twenty years operating in the wood flooring industry. My particular strengths are communication, training, and operational systems development.

I am adept at scientific procedure and worked in the private industry of science after college. Jumping tracks to the construction industry fused theory with pragmatic.

Twenty years of business operation coupled with industry trainings and seminars have uniquely positioned me to help my clients. I am skilled at digesting technical information and educating to audiences of varying education levels.