Maintain Your Investment 

We protect your investment with a refresh of the wood surfaces surrounding you. We can expedite projects with the help of UV cured coatings. Time is valuable, so let’s prevent the effects of time around your space. 

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Unfortunately, once a wood surface coating loses adhesion in some areas, it likely needs to be removed. It all depends on approach and pre-project testing. 

Before we start any maintenance project, we evaluate the surface for proper adhesion of previous wood coatings. 

After we get a green light, we go through a cleaning and prep process to the surface to remove contaminants. 

Wood surfaces over time suffer the effects of abrasion, physical damage, and discoloration. 

UV damage from the sun and exposure to improper maintenance are two very big contributors to the breakdown of coatings. Some surface coatings may be still have their integrity and be serviceable (no peeling or chipping finish). 

The goal of maintenance is to prevent coatings breakdown and restore the luster of a surface. The maintenance procedures we use DO NOT change the color of a wood surface, which is part of restoration.

Our Restoration page details the difference between full scale restoration and maintenance. 


Three Steps for Beauty 




To ensure proper adhesion of new coatings in a project we clean the surface to remove contaminants. 


Typically this is with a mild detergent or solvent to allow for a new coating. Afterwards, we will apply the right coating to your project based on your needs. 


After we have completed your project, we provide you with the proper care procedures and products to care for your new investment. 




Medical and Dental Clients


RadCoat RX


Radcoat® RX is an instantly cured non-yellowing antimicrobial UV waterborne urethane. Formulated for onsite heavy commercial applications where down times are limited. This new polymerization technology yields a coating with outstanding scuff, scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance. Because Radcoat® RX cures instantly with UV light, your floors and walls can be 100% cured and can be returned to service immediately. Radcoat RX is formulated for use as an advanced antimicrobial protective wear layer on commercial and residential flooring and walls. 

Manufacturer Testing Data  

RadCoat Rx