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Your business is a reflection of more than your skills and experience. The Sandhaus  encapsulates businesses online into standout client service tools that save time. 

Who We Are

After investing twenty years in the wood flooring industry, Scott Avery decided to pass on the tools to the next generation

The Sandhaus is a communications firm that works directly with specialty tradesmen and artisans to craft unique messages. People are all unique. Therefore, their business should represent their unique and authentic story online.


Story + Knowledge + Service =

(Your Brand) 

Clicks are a generic metric quickly sold and rarely understood in economic value. 

We operate on real strategies and not buzzwords combined with cursory statistics. We measure client success by the number of projects landed. We help you through the entire process. 

We Believe in:

  • Plausible Science
  • Accurate Data
  • Great Design 



Sandhaus Syndicate

Scott Avery

Horse Aficianado

Scott Avery


Scott Avery

Scientist and Colleague to Many

Grow Your Business

Everyone wants “more phone calls” and “To be number one on Google”. We work to know your story, ideal client, and business needs first. Being all things to all people is a tough task for most. 


Can you distinguish the details of your logo from 10 feet away? Does it look great in black and white? These are the big picture questions you need to consider for long term growth. 

Let Us Help

You are the heart of your business. The way you appear, communicate, and serve clients is the entire package. Web traffic is only a part of what defines your public image. 

Position yourself in the right markets



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Cutting through nonsense

We use science, connection, and craftsmanship to advance.

It can be difficult to establish the unique strengths of your business in markets led by lagging pricing models and minimal skillsets. 

The Sandhaus helps you from all dimensions as you need. We specifically help artisans with one of our online customer education packages that succinctly explains your strengths. 

Questions? Send them in and we will do our best to help. 



VIP Client

Distinctive Wood Floors is our Bend, Oregon client in the wood floor artisan business. He maintains a high standard of workmanship and a great hand and eye on process. 



Distinguish Your Style or Have No Style

Enough Said…

Michael Smith is from the high deserts of Oregon and knows the craft regionally and nationally. He is a native of California with a love of skate culture, great music, and fine floors. 

With Mike we crafted an online suite that illustrates his formal training and stoic demeanor. Mike is an accomplished carpenter and wood floor sanding expert. 

Aaron Hall

Hall’s hardwood flooring 

Why would you waste time running around providing “free estimates”? We earn clients trust with transparent marketing messages The Sandhaus has helped craft. It is important that our brand represents our beliefs in action. 

Educational Content Packages

Minimum retainer $2000. Monthly options. Terms and conditions.

The Smalls package

Ideal for website owners who know what they want to say, but don’t know how to say it. 


The Hawkeye

I manage my own content, I just need a sweet website that’s not from the 90’s.


The Full meal deal

Website, copy, promo videos…I need it all.